Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"And now, the end is near...." Old Blue Eyes

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..........vol.109
If I were the Clash, at one time, the most important band in the world, I would be singing my own song, "London Calling". But, I'm not, and only the world's elite will be doing that come tomorrow as they jangle the keys to the asylum in front of our very eyes. The day after April Fools' is only appropriate timing for the people that think of anything other than coincidence, because we've all been fooled again by the masters' that hold the strings, and we dangle, bouncy bouncy bounce for their enjoyment to run like rats in our cubicle cages nibbling for that ever just out of reach piece of cheese that sits atop open hands well manicured and their laughing eyes from their house arrest confinements because they stole and keep stealing billions away from ordinary tax payers. Oh, to be young again. Maybe the G20 meeting in London is a good thing. A plan will be developed for a worldwide recovery from the mess that they put us in. The same people in charge of supplying the solution are the same as those that have given us the problems. Oh, to be young again. There may be violence and there will be outrage and there should be outrage. I was outraged once, and sometimes I was even taken seriously. Oh, to be young again. I am guessing that Mr. Barack Obama will be emerging from his whirlwind world tour as the undoubted king of swing. The golden calf in carmel colored skin with a million dollar smile. He's been on the cover of every magazine for the past year and a half and you have to admit that his inauguration was something almost biblical. The answer man. The man with the plan. At least that's how the major media darlings will portray him. Then again, I voted for him. And then again, look what he was left with. But I digress. And then he will go on to meet with the leaders of the Czech Republic and Turkey and offer them the United States unwavoring support for anything against the still from the viewpoint of the western world, the much despised USSR, China and their threatening quasi-capitalism and Iran and their beautiful yet shrouded women and their unrealistic and unfortunately uneducated clergy, in what may be the first steps towards World War III. Should we be checking his scalp for three little sixes?
Oh, to be young again.   

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