Saturday, November 15, 2008

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The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.......vol.84
With the world crumbling, tumbling and falling down all around us, a good cup of coffee in the morning is one of the simplest ways to combat the descent. Whether it be opening the paper or turning on the t.v. or listening to the radio, or surfing the web,
we are caught in a endless display of bad news getting worse, day after day.
It's hard to remain to struggle against the opposition and stay positive. To keep fighting the good fight.
Keeping your eyes on the prize and to glorious horizon in the distance.
We find ourselves in the midst of a global economic crisis and the on going war in IRAQ seems to no longer exist. We find ourselves living in Orwell's 1984, where Big Brother has manipulated us into war after never ending war, and eventually we cannot remember who we are fighting against.
Now, it doesn't seem too far fetched.
I hope that the world leaders of the G20 that are meeting in Washington today can iron out the wrinkled patterns of the landscape we call everyday reality and find some common solutions. Then again, maybe they already have and this is only a mirage to get us to accept a Global Dictator?
What we have in America today is the costliest enterprise that our country has ever done, besides the on going, ever increasing balance of the price of war in IRAQ. What we've spent as a country, on the economic bailouts,  is more than what we spent as a country during World War II, adjusted for inflation. And we've only been doing this for the last two months. Or have we??
We are teetering on the precipice. Well, that's what they've been telling us everyday and every night.
They've given a bailout for people to get back into their houses; but what good is that going to do when they don't have a job?
Gas prices are getting lower right now, so people can drive to jobs they don't have. I'm sorry, it's getting contagious out there.
Remember to get your flu shot.
Someone slap me.
Maybe we need a gigantic shift. A drastic change.
It was only 150 years ago that as a nation and a world we were leaving the Agricultural society (business and farming don't mix) and beginning the Industrial revolution (man and machine don't mix??).
Maybe now, we are going through the "birth pangs" the prophets had spoken of thousands of years ago.
People, the age of Aquariuous is ending and a new age is beginning.
For, without pain, there is no growth.
So lets not go jumping out of windows and declaring that the sky is falling just yet.
2012 is still some years away.
Or maybe that is all a part of what we are moving towards?
We as a people, use only 10% of our brains.
That's scientific fact, and you can't stop science.
Maybe these drastic measures are pushing our subconscious to use more than the normal 10%.
Maybe we'll all be able to become the image that is God, in ourselves.
We were made in it's image, and maybe finally, we will begin to start using it for the better of mankind.
For that, I am hopeful, and I keep my eyes on the horizon.

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