Thursday, February 15, 2007

Use your Illusion

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.....vol.53
"People sometimes justify their obsession with cleanliness on religious grounds; but true religion is not concerned with outward purity."  Razi: Kitab al-Muluki
Greetings to you all on this late afternoon, the day after chocolates and jewelry and possibly too much wine and not enough roses.  I am blessed with too much of everything. That is my entitlement as an American, and for that I am hypocritical and grateful at the same time, despite my lack of employment. Greetings. Don't worry about me. It is what it is. I believe GOD said that to Moses. Or maybe he should have.
I am writing today not with news of the present nor of lectures on the past, but with my views on the current state of life in the affluent and much deserved but maybe not well used world of mainstream culture in the great United States of America. It is obvious to me that we as Americans and general consumers of the newest and the latest and the biggest and the brightest have built a need to find the magical and the fantastic within a world that has grown increasingly dull and damaging to the creative spirit. Why do you think Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Star Wars appeal to both children and adults? Because, we all want to escape the life were living. Drugs, alcohol, sex, technology. Take your pick. We all want to become instant lottery winners. Sloths to the dollar. Give us something for nothing, and "our chicks for free." Thus making us more and more, complacently uninspiring.
There is no great project. There is no great movement. We are all just trying to survive and make it to the end of the work week so we can collect our paychecks and pay our minimum balance and start it over again Monday morning. 
If terrorists or whoever the boogeymen that our government wants us to be afraid of, were to dismantle our electricity for more than a week, there would be utter chaos. No one needs a nuclear device. Just pull the plug. We as a society that once appreciated nature and everything that it has to offer, have gotten too far away from the garden of which we came from. Eden people. Eden. Are you still with me? Instead, we are spreading ourselves and our children too thin. We are trying to be something that we are not. We are pushing them to excel at the age of 2!!! And if they or ourselves act out, we just sedate them or ourselves with pills. There must be something wrong with them if they don't seem blindly happy. We will have become, parents and children in comas. Our hospitals are the houses in the suburbs.
The perfect consumer is one without an intelligent opinion. Just a job and a pulse and no conscience.
We are on a fast forward highly caffeinated drive a little faster turn it up a little louder life-track. In a hurry to go nowhere. Remember, it all may come to a crashing halt on December 22nd, 2012. The Mayans, remember The Mayans. Or, I may just be too cynical and too wacked out, I am lefthanded and have red hair, for GOD's sake, I am dying breed for that alone, however, I do not apologize. Like the bumper sticker says, if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. So, until I find another consumer of my time at 8 hours a day 5days a week that which allows me to continue pressing on in my personal and spiritual development, and getting back into to school where one day I can be paid for my lectures, I will keep on keeping on. As long as the bills are paid. Someone famous once said that. So with that being said, once again, despite my outrage, I still remain hopeful that we will all wake up in time. Much love, peace and happiness. Seriously.
"He who can work in the realm of the real and live in that of the ideal, has attained the highest." Ludwig Boerne

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