Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vol.189: In Memoriam

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     Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. The past is like the future, just out of reach of our outstretched fingers and never what we think it was or ever will be. Instead we push through the cobwebs of ether into the unknown, continually finding faults in our supposed gifts only to weather the storms of holidays' long distant memories. Our Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters have gone before and have left our golden shores to remain permanently etched into our frontal lobes; each one of us suffering from post traumatic stress in the name of God and Country and most of us don't even know it.

     If you were to disregard the who, what, where and when and focus on the now, you would find the present tense all the more unsettling as we sift through the desert of our despair. California is dying on the vine and yet the water from the heavens is soaking our midsection as we grow ever more overweight with the absence of intelligent thought and discussion, only to struggle everyday to remind ourselves that we are blessed to live in the country where we have the freedom to be all that we can be, whether someone else likes it or not.

     Ladies and gentlemen, before we get all wrapped up in our flag orgy of pounding our chests; the fact is that less than .05% of our country's population now currently serves in the Armed Forces and for that I am truly thankful. But I would like to, more than I know or do, give thanks to those that have served and have gone and given the ultimate sacrifice through wars both deserving and those that should have never been and this should also include those from around the world as well. Because we are one world, in an ever expanding universe, and I hope in time, someday, we will miss and spill tears for everyone everywhere, except for maybe ISIS; realizing that in the ones we fight and the ones we lose, we in the end, are only fighting ourselves.

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