Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vol. 185: Sweet Dreams

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There is no G-d in heaven
There is no hell below
So says the great professor
of all there is to know

But I’ve had the invitation
that a sinner can’t refuse
It’s almost like salvation
It’s almost like the blues”       Leonard Cohen It’s Almost Like the Blues

     The black shadowy wispy smoky hand of panic and death of the current cable news 24 hour-7 day a week cycle of crisis that is Ebola has reached over the Atlantic Ocean and landed upon the hallowed ground of the United States; pestilence and famine continue to run rampant around the globe with no sign of slowing down like an annoying driver on their cell phone coming onto the freeway without regard for their merge lane. Although the bells are ringing, the horsemen are nowhere to be seen as of yet; but that does nothing to stop the cathedral of technology that brings forth new parishioners with each town hall meeting product announcement.  It is only a sign in a growing list that society is crumbling before our very eyes; for there is something terribly wrong when people will sleep and stand in line to spend $600 on the next shiny new smart phone, only to bend it while sitting upon it while it is placed inside their back pocket; but thank God, with Yoga pants there are no back pockets. The only line this so-called educated man is standing or sleeping in is the line where they are giving out $600. Can I get an Amen? 

     Meanwhile U.S. led air strikes of another propaganda created coalition of the willing have been sent into Syria to debilitate ISIS-ISIL over the public be-headings of two American journalists and forthcoming what looks to be a third American; it is the expansion of the War on Terror into a further mess of destabilization. Despite the many opinions of the expert pundits crowding talk shows and cable news editorials who try to fit their gigantic heads into each frame, one thing is guaranteed and that is, it is evidence in the fact that what could only be imagined from Tom Clancy or John Le Carre novels in the mid to late 80’s is taking place the world over; the impossible is here, we are allying ourselves with Iran and you can bet the farm Israel is keeping very close tabs upon all of this, don’t be fooled, don’t you worry; the Rothschilds are never gone, they've only been forgotten.
Have a Nice Day
     Then there is the more recent displays of dissent in Hong Kong, only poking the sleeping dragon of China as if in an opium den, until she can rest no more and like a Tolkien creation, rise from her slumber of slowing economic growth and wreak havoc upon the Geo-political and Geo-economics of the new global order. Apparent to all in the know, the old order is crumbling; the Age of Information is spreading like a virus.

     Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, The Smiley Face Killer may have struck again with the discovery of the body of a young man reported missing from Sartell, Minnesota found in Moorhead, Minnesota. He was a college student from NDSU, now considered by the local police to be the victim of a recent homicide; the only clues released were that one of his shoes and his cell phone are missing. In an alarming trend, young men, last seen at bars or college parties in the late hours of the night, disappear without a trace, poof, only to be found days, weeks or months later, with no explanations given, except the possibility of drowning. How these young men all find their way to a body of water is beyond me. This so-called educated man fervently believes it is the work of a Midwest serial killer; someone with the ability to work independently and who travels for their job; as a result, someone who happens to spend his weekends in college towns, praying on the drunk and disoriented, easy prey, easy targets, easy victims and I thought only fraternities were supposed to do that.

     In what may be further evidence of knowing that the game has been rigged, there were the incredibly low numbers of only 57.5% of eligible voters casting their ballots in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election; ladies and gentlemen, Vladimir Putin receives a higher percentage of voter turnout and the citizens of Russia already know the outcome of that race.  Hopefully, enough of the voting public will wake up in time to cast intelligent and informed decisions this November and in 2016 or will it even matter?     

"I'm looking through you."
     Finally, sifting through the wreckage that is the modern day, we as evolving human beings need to be aware of the destruction that our daily schedules and lifestyles have placed upon our bodies and embattled emotions. There is a need to embrace and utilize the occult knowledge of optics that is one’s Third Eye; the pineal gland. We need to be on the natural circadian rhythm as much as possible; it is vital that the 24 hour light and dark cycle that is nature be incorporated into our lives’ and in the process wrap both of our psychic and physical arms around the importance of melatonin. Despite what the commercials are trying to tell us, things will not be improved because of testosterone treatment and a new pharmaceutical is not going to give you what is already inherent and sleeping in each and every one of us. In order to wake up and solve the deadly problems that continually face us each and every day, we must get a good night’s rest. Sweet dreams my friends, sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite.

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