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Vol. 176: Bang the Drum Slowly

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Ladies and gentlemen, Theona Donther back from the front lines of opposition against the oppressive nature that is the modern day Corporatocracy with news to unnerve and unsettle your addled mind and in the process, hopefully to entertain before we all get sucked into the ether of space. With the fading of the summer winds comes the depressing realization that the hope and change of the once bright star of Barack Obama has faded right along with it. One can hear it rustling in the drying and decaying leaves of the coming autumn. With his grip ever so tightening around the reins of power and his reluctance to be what he promised on a brilliant night no so long ago in Denver of 08', he, like almost all politicians before him, only said what he needed to say to get himself elected and then continued on to do the bidding of those who gave him the most money; ie., banks and insurance companies. Another sign that our President of the United States of Surveillance is nothing more than a puppet, who's a great public speaker, is the fact that his Mortgage Fraud Task Force (you can't make this up) has yet to produce any criminal indictments; zero, zilch, nada. Bang up job Obama, take a bow. Instead, the once promised closing of Guantanamo is not going to happen, the ending of the war in Iraq and the distancing ourselves from Afghanistan has been replaced once again with the drums of war; this time they are banging a-gong for Syria. With the possible created media truth of Syrian chemical attacks of Sarin Nerve gas upon civilians and rebels outside of Damascus, information that was leaked via Internet video on 8/21, the handle that had been flushed on 9/11/01 continues to swirl the region and the rest of the world down with it. Apparently, there isn't enough toilet bowl cleaner in the world to get us out of this mess.

Unsurprisingly, lock step in tempo, both political parties are in full support of the United States of Surveillance's military intervention into a region that can simply be described as "utter chaos." While crusty old Senator John McCain warns that to do nothing would be "catastrophic." How much better will our presence make it? Are we only going to be adding gasoline to a brush fire? Is it not a civil-war that they should be handling themselves? But, I would suppose, as long as the WASP's in power in Washington have the Sunni's and the Shiites fighting against one another, what the hell do they care? Car bombs will continue to be detonated every couple of days; business as usual. As a result, need to be nervous Israelis have been emptying the shelves of gas masks in preparation for the inevitable. How long until the Arabs in the Middle East decides to point their oil-stained fingers at Israel for the reasons behind all of their problems? There is always a scapegoat to be had. In the 21st Century, it is commonplace to take no responsibility for one's situation; it is always someone else's fault.

The no-win scenario mess of death, destruction and diabolical actions of the Syrian situation has left some 120k dead in two years according to U.N estimates, and now furthered by the news that Sarin nerve gas has been used by the Assad regime upon his own people, the rabbit hole darkens and the forces of evil continue laughing in hysterical joy and wonder. More people have died as a result of their civil war than almost double the number of U.S lives in the Vietnam War. Another sign that everything is continuing as planned for the powers that be, former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, is the newly appointed ambassador to Egypt because everything went so well in Syria. He will be holding hands with future Dictator General al-Sisi of Egypt, helping to wash and tear gas the streets clean of any threat to their power.
"I don't look nervous, do I?"

You can't make this stuff up. Just follow the chaos and bloodshed and watch for their footprints; they're everywhere. The only ones who will profit from the crisis in the Middle East will be oil producers, oil speculators and security contractors. A perfect nexus of the Geo-political axis of evil......and so the world spins.

Great Britain has just pulled out of any military intervention in Syria, once again reaffirming the fact that there seems to be very little that is "Great" in Britain anymore; one need look no further than the vomit inducing boy group One Direction to confirm proof of that. Unable to help in any way whatsoever, the British must still be tired from Wimbledon and the summer Olympics of 12'.

What was controversial journalist Michael Hastings working on before he died in a fiery car crash on the morning of June 18th?

In a story that I cannot but seem to find never going away, the George Zimmerman trial boldly highlighted a diminishing majority of society's views towards young black males. Viewpoints brought about largely in part by the rap-hip-hop stereotypes and nightly news' constant repetition of the "wanted" young black male. In a glaring stark contrast of the gap of reality, Mark Zuckerberg, twenty-something billionaire creator of Facebook is revered and vilified for his enduring trademark hoodie, while Trayvon Martin was identified as suspicious because he was wearing one. One's a billionaire entrepreneur, the other, another young black man dead from a gun-shot. This begs the question, how many young black males are killed by guns each year? How many young white men? What can be done to stop it?

On a side-bar, other than the Beastie Boys, does or will Rap-Hip-Hop music ever have an enduring artist or artists whose creative careers will span thirty years? Can you see someone in the genre on stage performing their craft into their fifties or sixties, gold chains and blinged out grill with a busted hip and arthritis? Hell, even into their forties? Is it even possible? Will the genre ever have the Rolling Stones, a Bob Dylan, a Van Morrison, a Willie Nelson, or a Prince? What does that say about the culture? Then again, the genre hasn't been around for more than 30-40 years, so we may have to wait for another 20 to find out. But currently, are they nothing more than NFL running backs, used for 3 years and then discarded for the next best thing?Where did Nelly and Missy Misdemeanor Elliot go?

This has been Theona Donther reporting for the Global Outrage of an Educated Man.

The power of greasy food draws a crowd
Greetings, this is Jack Scharber, creator and editor of the Global Outrage of an Educated Man, here to make an honest confession. I know I don't speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself, but while all of this is going on, the frightening hedonistic juxtaposition of a trip to a State Fair is the world I have inhabited. While parts of the world can't get enough clean drinking water, while some die of starvation and poor educations; no jobs, no futures, only more bombs and bloodshed, my wife and I gorged ourselves on funnel cakes, foot long corn dogs, steaming hot apple dumplings with ice cream, a smore, some calamari, a tall Icee, some deep fried shrimp, a baby root beer, some deep fried strawberry shortcake, a  small sarsaparilla (non-Sioux City), a pina-colada smoothie and some bacon flavored ice cream all in a span of five and a half hours, and all of which after we received free tickets from total strangers inside a mini-van in the slow line to the parking lot within the fairgrounds. Praise be, why again as a nation are we so overweight? Will-power is a terrible thing to waste.

So, dignified ladies and gentlemen, in order to get in shape for next year's State Fair, it's going to take all fall and winter of mornings with hundreds of crunches, push ups and long walks with the dogs through the neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis to make it happen. Here's to being fortunate enough to having been born in a country that makes the rules as we slowly slide down into the sewer that is our excess. But I will make the confession, I am no better than anyone else. Cheers.

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