Saturday, April 28, 2012

Re: I am still around

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man........vol.148

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am back from my hiatus once again to bring some truth to the world and so I will be providing more thoughts with the months and weeks to come until I return to student teaching in the fall of 2012. Don't be so surprised, because life is a journey that is a continuous process of learning, in search of the Philosopher's Stone. Aren't we all trying to turn lead into gold? As Tom Waits sings, "How many ways can you polish up a turd?" 
Now, to get on with it.

In the state of Minnesota we have a political party, the Republican, that is in the process of getting evicted from their headquarters at the state Capitol; and they want to run the state? You can't make this stuff up.

After having attended last week's annual Holland Neighborhood Hot dish Revolution for the first time, I was pleasantly pleased with those in attendance and the variety of dishes being served. It was nice to witness a community getting together for something other than a shooting. With that being said, we still have a long way's to go in order to become the city on the hill that the world looks too. Hell, we can't even keep our Secret Service agents from keeping secrets, in what I imagine to be wasn't the first time. Hell, you're in Columbia and prostitution is legal. Hookers and blow, go hand in hand like politicians running from a crucial vote. Don't get me on the record. This could come back to haunt me.
In Minnesota were trying to get a stadium deal done in the nick of time before the Vikings turn out to be the North Stars and we've got a baseball team in desperate need of an actual team that can win a few games in a row. Is it time for Gardy to get the boot?  Don't get me started on the Wild. Pathetic. The state of hockey can do little better than the Boys state Hockey tournament. Maybe there was a reason the North Stars left in the first place other than Norm Green? At least Dennis Green provided some talent and passed the keys, so that someone, anyone can drive the car. Maybe Amy Senser should've done the same? Sorry, that was too easy.
But, wait, the Vikings did have  one hell of a draft. If the worse case happens and the four horsemen come to town, they might just take the Vikings with them to that pit of sin and excess, smoggy Los Angeles. The city of Angels may just be the city of death. One long strip mall where the worst character traits are rewarded with paparazzi and an endless supply of Kardashians.
Whew, that feels a lot better.
Also, just so those who have faith haven't given up on me, I will be returning to work on my novel this summer in the hopes that I will have finished rough draft by the end of August. Cause, who wants to work 9-5 until their 75? Really. Be patient, "Big things have small beginnings." Prometheus.
So, before I leave you scratching your heads,
enjoy a little ditty from March 3rd, 1997, just around the time Slick Willy was losing his grip.
If I have offended anyone, I apologize, but then again, with freedom of speech, there are consequences.

Remember, much love, peace and happiness in a world gone mad, and keep prospering in the new global economy.

Star Wars sits underneath what was yesterday's beauty queen,
Who is tomorrow's "Where are they now,"
The perfect woman, non-threatening
Pull my strings and watch me giggle,
For another ten dollar bill.

Educated by the TV,
A President gets a slap on the wrist; a normal man goes to jail.
It's big business on Capitol Hill.
Our generation is what we've been told, what we see;
We've created better make believe;
We never die, we just leave.

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