Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Global Outrage of an Educated Man..............vol.145

It's just another sign of how big a sham our U.S. government's willingness is to get to the bottom and persecute those responsible for the global economic collapse in March 2007, that more attention and more heads are rolling in the U.K. over a phone hacking scandal involving the media empire of "Fair and Balanced" Rupert Murdoch than the time our mainstream media and their talking heads and our incompetent elected officials are giving towards a solution to the economic crisis, and instead is raising the specter of a looming financial meltdown because our two parties refuse to work together to avoid such a coming disaster. I agree with many that instead of raising the ceiling, we should be raising the floor, the lower and middle classes should have more opportunities to rise up, or get a boat to paddle to the jobs that have moved off-shore, but alas, more attention is given to NFL/NBA labor disputes than what is truly important, the ever decreasing chances of a promising future, the ever increasing difficulty of people affording them the opportunities to pay their bills, buy a home, get a job or simply be happy. Now an ad from our sponsors, Cymbalta, or wait, penile erection difficulties solved with Viagra and weight loss pills for gout, instead, The Matrix continues.   

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