Saturday, March 14, 2009

"We are Stardust leaving a comet trail of our own." Jack Scharber

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.....vol.108
Good morning. Right from the get go,let's turn this mother out.
3.6 Trillion dollar budget. 3.6 trillion!! Nothing big, just 3.6 trillion, "it's no big deal" (Ricky from Trailer Park Boys). That's not ridiculous, but legalizing marijuana is??? When have you seen a stoned & disorderly running rampant in the streets? Maybe legalizing it would definitely help out the poor police chiefs down in Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo from getting their heads chopped off after being on the job for only a week, or from getting gunned down on their way to work or for just stepping out their front door. Maybe there would be a lot less kidnappings going on down there? It's just a thought. We need tax dollars from any place we can get it.
The United States is searching for a moderate in Iran to work with, or how about just a moderate in Congress?
There is nothing that is impossible; it just hasn't been done yet.
When will we see the bottom of the stock market? Or did we this past week? Are we now beginning to look up again at where it is going and how long it will be until it get's there? There are numerous buying opportunities out there. We need to stop shoveling the fear down our throats that they seem to be always handing out to us on the nightly news and focus on the positives, and realize that this may be the best opportunity for growth and expansion and educational development in our lifetimes'. My generation has the ability to now become what we've dreamed. Self sustaining with integrity because anything is possible. Democrats are cutting spending on K-12 and Republicans are against it?? Have we just gone through a wormhole into some kind of parallel universe? 
A couple of weeks ago, I attended a caucus for Ward 1 in the city of Minneapolis to become a delegate for the upcoming convention in April, to vote for a City Council Member and I can tell you, the system needs fixing. I have never in my life been more frustrated and annoyed by a proces, and I love Democracy!!! But man oh man, the system is very un-user friendly. We got to our destination to caucus at 7pm on that Tuesday evening, and we didn't start voting as to who would be a delegate until 8:30pm!!! And there was 73 of us in a class room in Northeast Minneapolis. From one precinct for Ward 1. There were 10 other precincts that were caucusing at the same time. All this to just become a freaking delegate!! So that you could vote for a City Council Member!!! Not the President, not a member of Congress or the Senate!!! A City Council Member!! The government makes it very easy for you to pay your taxes on line and for you to get your refund if you get one, in a matter of weeks. What I've come to realize is, they want your money and your information, but not your opinion. Well, I feel better after that. Thank you. So, you are now listening to a alternate delegate from Ward 1 to vote on April 4th at the convention for nominating City Council Member Kevin Reich to the board for Minneapolis. Power to the people is great, but damn they could make it a helluva lot easier. Just look at the Coleman-Franken debacle. Maybe having a dictator wouldn't be all that bad??? He or she would get stuff done that's for sure. Anyway, NBC is prepping the American public for it with their new show "Kings" on Sunday evening, and I do like Swearingen (those of you know what who I'm talking about). I'll tune in. Can we say, King Obama???
Call me crazy. I've been called a lot worse.
Until then, open arms and open minds.

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