Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......happy birthday Bob, 67 years young!!!

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol. 69
The drumbeats of propaganda for war against Iran are getting louder and louder like hooves pounding the oncoming stampede.
We have a presidential campaign, an historic campaign, where only money can buy influence, but is anyone covering the issues? Is the Media asking important questions? Instead we see slow pitch softballs lobbed at the candidates and were not even at Be-Bops.
Did anyone know that there was a supposed suicide of the D.C Madam in her jail cell? You are probably asking yourself, who is the D.C madam? She was only the Heidi Fleiss of Washington D.C. She must have had some very important customers if not even a word of her death was given a moments attention by the major media outlets. Maybe someone on that list of her's needed it kept out of the spotlight for some time to come. Yeah, she committed suicide in her jail cell. Yeah. Right.
I may no longer believe that there was a great conspiracy to kill JFK, but I ain't buying that. Or the moon landing. Stanley Kubrick helped NASA film the moon landing shots. He was sworn to secrecy. He was paranoid. His last movie was "Eyes Wide Shut". Because the world had their eyes open but couldn't see the lie. How does the flag blow in the wind on the moon when there is no atmosphere? I could go on, but I won't.
The word of the year is Super delegate. Democracy is great when it's decided by 400 Super delegates. YAAAAAAY!!!
Finally for now, we do have some good news. Some pure news. Innocence with hooves. We have Big Brown and his busted ankle trying to be the first horse in thirty years to win the triple crown at the upcoming Belmont Stakes. It is a great thing to watch and cheer for. However, I urge all of you to watch and cry like I did to Secretariat at the 73' Belmont Stakes..
Who says the divine doesn't exist?

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