Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Spring has sprung a leak.....

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.67

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
I apologize for the long delay between messages and it will probably happen again, but hopefully not as spaced out as they appear or myself seem to be.
I am back and ready to report the news.
The truth with consequences.
A couple of Sunday evenings ago, I had the chance to catch an episode of 60 Minutes and on that evening's episode they were detailing a new Active Denial System that is being developed by the Pentagon to help combat crowd control.
The system is a ray gun.
Yes, this isn't science fiction, a ray gun that emits an intense stream of heat and energy up to a 300 yards away which without serious harm to it's targets, will cause them to run like hell.
I got to believe Tim Pawlenty is going to want that around in St. Paul for the upcoming Republican National Convention.
This is true.
Maybe not the Pawlenty remark but check it out.
I saw it on the television.

The two headed monster that is the Democratic Party could hopefully end up being a dream ticket instead of the nightmare that it is developing into.
If Hillary and Obama keep this up, we may be looking at 4 more years of a Republican in the White House.
The Republican Party, the party that abolished slavery.
Can you believe that? I'm not making this stuff up.
Maybe Superhero Al Gore needs to step in between Hillary and Obama and for the greater good of the United States of America and declare himself the Party's nominee for President.
That would be awesome.
Or else we're going to end up with a very old white man in the oval office singing "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran."

March 3rd, 2007, Oil was at $60.00 a barrel.
March 5th, 2008, Oil was at $104.52 a barrel.
OPEC says bite me.
Guess who's over the barrel now.
Yeah, were looking into renewable sources of energy. Yeah. That's a good one.

Just like the economic stimulus package the President signed is going to really help Middle Class America. For about a week.

Client number 9? Number 9? Number 9. Number 9? Client Number 9.
That was a Beatles White Album Reference for those needing help.

Okay okay.
I will bet a Mr. Thompson that is a good friend of mine will be glad to see this next comment and know that it has been a long time coming.
Not one Muslim Cleric has issued a Fatwa against Osama Bin Laden for his role in 9/11. Not one.
An for those who don't know, a Fatwa is a verbal death warrant.
In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a Fatwa against Islamic author Salman Rushdie for his novel "The Satanic Verses" because he took liberties with his fictional portrayal of the prophet Mohammed.
The hypocrisy and stupidity of radical Islamic terrorists is simply amazing.
A man writes a book. Let's kill him.
A man helps to kill 3,000 people and nothing. Silence.
You can hear crickets chirping.
And this is supposed to be a "religion of peace." Well, that may be so, but it has been hijacked by sick and twisted idiots.
I know that not all Muslim's are terrorists and not all Christians want to convert by way of military force, but come on people.
Where is the common sense and decency in the world today? It sure in the hell isn't in the majority or helps sell newspapers or get television ratings.

Will someone let the monks have Tibet? Please.
China, you can do the right thing and stop buying oil from Darfur, a government that is condoning genocide, and give the Dalai Llama what he wants, a Free Tibet.
You can keep Taiwan and have the Olympics.

Well at least we have the housing market fixed. Ha.
Adjustable rate morons.
Sorry about that ladies and gentlemen.
I helped with the whole crisis.
Giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford them.

Stay on message.
Buy stuff buy stuff buy stuff.

"The whole world is a very narrow bridge. And the most important thing is to not be afraid." Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

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