Monday, January 21, 2008

We are a sub-prime society

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man....vol.65
"I look at people, and I see nothing worth liking." Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) There will be Blood. My pick for Best Picture, Best Actor, Cinematography and Director for 2007.
Good morning. In honor of Dr. King and all that he did for the cause of civil and human rights I give thanks. I would love to remain overtly optimistic and positive, but because of the times we live in and despite his achievements and successes, I cannot because I've come to realize that despite the pleas for differentiation of Republican and Democrat nominees for president, which is the longest job interview of all, is that the power that controls them, is a power that we, the voter have no control over, unless, you're an old white male board member of a fortune 500 Company. Because in the end, we'll most likely be in Iran, fighting the modern day crusades of Christianity vs. Islam.
2008  is looking a lot like 1992 all over again. A Bush will be leaving office, we will be leaving a mess in Iraq and the economy is tanking and quite possibly a Clinton will be living in the Oval Office. A little bit of history repeating.
Meanwhile our good friend Israel is test firing long range nuclear missiles to the dismay of Iran. Only a week after after George W. had left the region, talking of peace and co-existence between Israel and the Arab nations. But I guess being on the receiving end of a holocaust gives a nation a free pass.
Has anybody been paying attention??? It's the economy stupid!! Recession??? We could be heading into a depression. The Bond insurers that have backed the banks that have backed the subprime loans now may be going in default and may be unable to pay the insurance to the banks that have made those loans. What that simply means, that if you're bank can get paid, you're not going to get paid. The federal government needs to step in and buy MBIA and AMBAC, or else, we will slide back into the 1800's. But I'm crazy. 

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