Sunday, June 17, 2007

Take this sinking boat and turn it home, we've still got time.....

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.......vol.61
Ladies and gentlemen, there will be absolutely no outrage from me this edition. That I can guarantee without a doubt. This volume will be full of sap and heartstring pulling romanticism. So if you are already threatened, turn away.
I have heard whisperings about the film that I will be praising for the past couple of weeks and had read a small snippet in the paper and that peaked my interest, and so, last weekend I went on line to watch the trailer and with just that, I knew that this was going to be something very special.  So, yesterday, before even seeing the film or hearing a full song from the film,  I went to my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble at Har Mar off of Snelling Avenue and doing my part as a fighter against the terrorists and not letting them win, made a consumer choice and purchased the soundtrack to a film I hadn't even seen yet, let alone listened too. And so, there I was sitting in my drifting spoiler 2005 Blue "M&M" Dodge Neon being tempted by being stuck in traffic and having the cd sitting there on the passenger seat next to me urging me to take a listen, but yet I resisted.  I wanted to make the first listen special.  So, yesterday, on a late Saturday afternoon while making my way through the congestion that is the Lyndale/Hennepin avenue exit off of 94east, and trying to make it to the Lagoon theater for the 4:55 showing of this film that I urge all of you to see and listen too and of which will hopefully gain more momentum as the summer procedes and more word of mouth spreads like lymes disease in a Minnesota campground, I was comforted by the fact that life does go on, be it alone or with someone.  Boys and girls, I saw a movie that captured my heart and soul with music and cinematography so simple and so captivating and beautiful that I can only say it was breathtaking.
The film is Once.
The film's music, the simplicity to the style and the truth and mirror to my own romantic escapades and experiences seemed to be shared with all of the world to see. It is a simple story of boy meets girl and boy loses girl and that is fine, for there is always another girl and always another boy. But the pain is sometimes too hard to bear, but the pain does and will go away. For there are no easy, nicely wrapped up and folded endings in real life, for life is subjective depending on the point of view and it is always open ended and never ending.  The film has no special effects, there is no violence and there is no sex. So, why would anyone want to watch it? Because it makes you want to, upon leaving the theater, wishing you had purchased the soundtrack and that you want to put the cd in and turn it up loud and the top down and drive as fast as you can to the one you love with tears in your eyes and a smile on your face. Ladies and gentlemen, love knows no bounds.  
I know some of you will be outraged that you read this at all, but I hope not.
May the all encompassing whatever it is bless you and your loved ones for all eternity.

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